More Than A Map – Muir Way Hydrology Series North American Maps

Muir Way have created unique maps that are works of art in their own right. They live on household walls rather than in the bin or in a box somewhere, and serve as a reminder of the places we’ve been. The Hydrology Series cuts out the traditional information that serve as the main purpose of maps and showcase the beauty of lakes, rivers and their tributaries. The intricate details are absolutely amazing and can only be appreciated when seen close up.

north america and include paperwork

The materials are entirely sourced in North America and include paper, canvas, and wood. Packaging is recyclable to ensure that not only are the maps highlighting the beauty of the outdoors in the most unique way, but doing whatever they can to care for the environment. The lack of colour allows the varying tones of grey and black in these masterpieces to be the focal point. This is definitely not your typical throwaway informational tool!

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