Meet Kuri, Your New Robot Pet

Meet Kuri, Your New Robot Pet
January 11, 2017 Man of Many

Meet Kuri, Your New Robot Pet

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Adorable robot assistant Kuri was designed by a Pixar animator and acts like a cross between Amazon Echo and a lovable pet. He can blink, nod, bleep, recognize faces and voices, wheel around with purpose, read to your kids, stream music, and even record video footage. Kuri is also easy to program and capable of connecting with other tech in the modern day smart home. In other words it’s like having a cute robot dog who can stream music out its butt and record the house while you’re away. Full disclosure: music does not come out of Kuri’s butt.

Kuri is obviously about more than functionality–he’s about companionship and integration. Tech brands know all too well that mankind is vaguely wary of the robopocalypse and Kuri therefore signifies an attempt toward peaceful cohabitation without the slightest whiff of a hostile takeover. One look at the cute little bugger and it’s pretty hard to see Kuri doing anything disruptive unless you find charming his precious way into your heart as disruptive. As to whether such an invention is actually game changing, time will tell on that one. In the meantime, just be grateful he doesn’t poop on the rug.

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