Minima Moralia Introduce Small Creative Spaces to Big Cities

At Man of Many we look at a lot of ideas for outdoorsmen, many for driving enthusiasts, loads for tech-heads and plenty for music lovers. One demographic that frequently gets overlooked by many though, is the creatives. The designers, artists, musicians and writers who both decide and capture the zeitgeist of their surrounds are becoming in some cities a marginalised breed, with an education in their field and a studio from which they can work almost unaffordable.

minima moralia music room

UK outfit Minima Moralia have come to the rescue, with this modular pop-up studio allowing artists an inexpensive enclosure within an existing area (a rooftop or a garden for example.) Its translucence allows the user to be at one with their surrounds but also offers a tasteful view into the processes that occur within, be it painting a canvas, plucking strings or building something new. These are pop-up spaces that can be moved, remade and internally re-configured however the user requires and are deliberately kept small to ‘filter out uselessness’, providing only the space for the artist within’s need to practice their craft without need or distraction. Currently in use in London, it’s not hard to see these becoming a regular addition to any major city.

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minima moralia art

minima moralia sewing