Minted – The Best Place to Buy Print Art Online

If you’re looking for stylish modern wall art that’s more unique than the generic prints found in every motel room, Minted is the way to go. What is it you ask? Minted is an online art democracy where independent creatives from around the globe come to upload their work while people like you and I vote for the best and shop among the curated results.

Here’s how it works: Browse through the hundreds of limited edition prints until you find exactly what you want. Next, choose a size (Minted offers everything from postcard size through to large prints that can be the focal point of any room). Choose one of the many frame styles and colours or if you prefer just go with the canvas. Tick the appropriate box if you want the artist’s signature featured (seriously, friends will be impressed if you can tell them a little about the artist). Finally, click purchase and the print is on its way, and Minted pays the designer a commission on the sale.

minted longhorn black and white print

Minted’s designs can also be carried over to stationary, and there are even options for wedding planning. With hundreds of designs and an endless supply of new content, there’s bound to be something to suit every home or office.

minted women swimming on water

radio city music hall

minted attalea speciosa

books flower vase on table with wall art

minted portrait image

minted paddle on boat front side

minted oil painting

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