MIRRO is the Classiest Tissue Box Around

If you are like most men, you probably have a hard time setting a romantic tone in your home. When it comes time to bring your date back to your place, you want to make sure that the atmosphere will be one that helps get her in the mood. The way to seduce her is to make her feel welcome when she visits your home. You want to create an ambience that sets the tone for the night.

mirro a unique tissue box mordeco

MIRRO, a unique tissue box that we found on Kickstarter, also doubles as a mood light. Created by mordeco Design, MIRRO can accommodate just about any type of tissue box. It even works with loose tissue. What makes MIRRO unique is that it features a unique chrome surface that is conductive. It is equipped with both IR and touch sensors. So, when you touch the smooth surface of this modern tissue box, a light inside the box shines on the exposed tissue paper making the MIRRO a magnificent mood light.

mirro a unique tissue box mordeco review

Another thing that makes MIRRO a wonderful mood light is the way in which it diffuses light. This special property helps create a very romantic ambience in any home. When you touch the box, the light activates very slowly so it looks almost like the sun is rising in your home. If things start heating up and you want the light out, just simply deactivate it with a touch. Then, it will slowly fade out, looking like the sun is setting in your home. What a way to impress your lady!

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