Modpools Unveils the Pool of the Future

It seems that everything is being made out of shipping containers now. We’ve shown you houses, cabinets and even hotels built from these eco-friendly containers. The shipping container trend is a great one as it helps cut down on the carbon footprint and turns trash into something useful.

Now, a Canadian company believes that the swimming pools of the future should be made with shipping containers as well.

modpools water

Modpools has a patent pending on a new line of swimming pools created from shipping containers. The idea to use a shipping container for a pool is quite brilliant. At less than half the cost of traditional swimming pools, Modpools are an affordable way to spice up your backyard. They are easier to set up than traditional pools, structurally sound and durable enough to stand up to the elements.

Modpools can be set up in minutes, and they can be moved around if needed. The company ships the pools ready to use. All the equipment is built-in. If you have gas access and power, you are good to go with a little prep work.

modpools chair

Each pool is configured to the customer’s needs. One of the more unique Modpool configurations features a window for underwater viewing. Another neat feature is a removable divider that allows the pool to be converted to a hot tub whenever the mood strikes.

Modpools can also be used year-round. The pools feature controls that are capable of increasing the water temperature as much as 30 degrees Celsius in just one hour. Modpools also feature smartphone controls for lighting, jets and temperature. With so many advantages over traditional pools, modpools are truly the pools of the future.

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