The Mygdal Plant Lamp is Perfect for Those Without a Green Thumb

Nature contributes to our well-being. Not just the oxygen that keeps us alive but also our mental health. Although it’s not always constructive to buy plants when you don’t have a green thumb. Artificial plants are an option, though it’s not quite the same. Through its smart design, the plant light Mygdal is designed around living plants that take care of themselves, thrive in windowless interiors and are more than aesthetically pleasing. Each lamp is composed as an entirely autonomous ecosystem that allows the plants to photosynthesise in the most unlikely environments.

nui studio plant lamp

The name Mygdal is a tribute to the glassmaker Peter Kuchinke from the village of Mygdal in northern Denmark. Translated into English, Mygdal means “fertile soil.” The Mygdal plant lamps are available as a pendant lamp or a standing lamp in two different sizes. The standing lamp has conductive glass coating rendering an invisible connection between the power source and the LED. This technical innovation opens up new opportunities in luminaire design. The combination of light and living plants inside a mouth blown, hand-finished lamp creates a peaceful environment that’s good for the soul.

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lamp mygdal still life photography review

lamp mygdal still life photography outlook

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lamp mygdal still life photography


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