Nebia, Moen’s Most Advanced Shower Yet, Conserves Water

Moen claims that their Nebia showerhead is their “newest, luxurious water-saving shower” yet, and it’s clear to see why. The Nebia showerhead saves 45 percent of water, leading to lower monthly water bills, more water conservation, and more energizing showers, all thanks to Moen’s patented atomization technology.

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The shower’s atomization technology works by turning water into millions of micro drops that hit your body like a gentler massage while also wrapping you in a hot-mist that gives you a spa-like experience. Because the water has been atomized, its surface area is also increased, which improves its rinsing power. Essentially it offers two times the coverage while using half the water. It’s the same kind of idea behind a pressure washer—but it won’t rip your skin off while you’re bathing.

Nebia advanced showerhead

Water conservation is an important topic. With the world’s population expected to hit 9.8 billion, freshwater supplies are going to be even harder to come by. Only 0.8 percent of the earth’s water is available for human consumption, so we need to find ways to alleviate the strain. It only makes sense to start with one of the home’s biggest water consumers, the shower. Since launching the first version of Nebia, Moen estimates that they’ve helped to save over 120 million gallons of water—that’s enough to fill 182 Olympic pools, 1.5 million bathtubs, or 478 million Nalgene bottles. Moen expects that by 2024, their Nebia showerhead will help to save 6 billion gallons of water.
The Nebia showerhead is currently available on Kickstarter. For a pledge of $160, you can get your own Nebia by Moen Rainshower, or for $199 you can get the Nebia by Moen Combo, which includes the Rainshower and a magnetic wand. As of this writing, over 6,500 people have signed on to help, bringing in nearly $1.5 million. Will you be the next to help conserve water?

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Nebia by Moen Our Most Advanced Shower Yet