We All Need this Backyard Room

Anxious for that extra room for your new office, lounge, music studio, satellite den, or what have you? The Backyard Room is the answer for your dreams of extending your home without all the hassles of hiring a contracting team and putting up with all those annoying mother-may-I’s that your local zoning laws require.

Complete with a sliding door, solid metal exterior, and a fully wooden interior, the Backyard Room gets you away from the house, without leaving home. Store whatever you need for your extended whatever space and conduct your business or pleasure in peace without disturbing those in the house- and without being disturbed by them.

we all need this backyard room

The Backyard Room is fully customizable to suit your extra-domestic desires. Simply visit their website, design your own personalized custom Backyard Room and your dream space will be delivered within four short weeks. Good luck making that kind of time with your own home extension efforts- even if you are a professional builder.

It can come in a wide variety of sizes and configurations depending on your imagination, and your budget. Just envision it, the next time the in-laws come to visit for the holidays, you can simply put them up in the Backyard Room and cut god knows how much hassle out of your holiday experience. Or, maybe you’ve got a teen who is anxious to leave home but hasn’t yet got the right stuff, the Backyard Room to the rescue!

Pricing depends heavily on the size and customization options you choose, so customize wisely.

Check it out

backyard room inside

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