I Need this Ulisse Daybed After the Holidays

People have known for centuries that a brief nap during the day is a great way to regain energy and support good health. There’s no better way to get in your daily cat nap than on this classy and practical day bed by Ulisse.

Developed by Konstantin Grcic with the aim to combine elegance and comfort in a piece of furniture that doesn’t take up more room than it needs, and that works with just about any décor.

 ulisse daybed made from sturdy wood

The minimalistic free stretching reclining surface is just soft enough to relax on- but not so soft as to get lost in. You nap as long as you need, and then your body will naturally cue you to return to your day before the daylight slips away. It’s an idea that was made popular by ancient Japanese culture, and they have long appreciated the virtue of furniture that’s not overly indulgent.

Made with a sturdy wood, brass, and aluminum construction, the Ulisse Daybed is a great investment if you’re looking for a quality piece of furniture.

ulisse daybed comes in oak or walnut

Its usefulness is limited compared to your average couch, but it can round out any furniture collection with its ability to serve as the perfect spot for afternoon repose.

The Ulisse Daybed comes in oak or walnut, either with a natural finish or stained classic black- to match its minimalistic appeal. The arched bed reclines perfectly at its lowest setting. It can also sit up for a more alert posture. The upholstery comes in either canvas or leather.

Pricing starts at $5,500 USD.

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ulisse daybed nice interior design

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