Why you need the Williams-Sonoma Spatula & Knife Kitchen Tools

Colombian industrial designer Juan Restrepo has always been fascinated by the interaction between products and the humans that use them. To Restrepo, a typical household item can promote feelings of trust and safety. Seemingly normal things are what we remember the most from our childhood.

Restrepo applied this design philosophy when developing the Williams-Sonoma Spatula & Knife Kitchen Tools. He has taken two of the most common kitchen tools and redesigned them to provide the kitchen with a more personal feel. These kitchen tools are designed to be unique so that they bring memories of home whenever you take a look at them.

wooden handle that swoops kitchen knife

For the knife, Restrepo took inspiration from real knife blocks and cutting boards. The kitchen knife features a wooden handle that swoops out over the bolster. Williams-Sonoma is prominently displayed on the side of the handle. The spatula was designed to complement the knife perfectly. Both are constructed with high-end materials like light hardwood and black ebony.

williams sonoma kitchen tool

Not only are these tools great looking but they are also very functional kitchen items too. Williams Sonoma’s philosophy is “function first” when it comes to design, and Restrepo stayed true to that philosophy when he created these kitchen tools. A good kitchen knife is essential for any serious cooking. This knife’s curved frame and the wooden structure are ergonomic making serious chopping and slicing much easier. The spatula has the optimal balance between flexibility and strength. It is ideal for everything from sautéing to stirring.

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