Neighborwoods – Wooden Wall Maps

neighborwoods wooden wall maps thirteen american cities

Regular maps are easily destroyed in the rain and that’s why their laminated counterparts are quite popular, but how about maps made of wood? Well, while certainly rain-resistant, such a wooden map may not be the greatest tool that help you to navigate through a city. It might be a better idea to just hang it on the wall, allowing you to express your passion for the place where you live. That’s the purpose of Neighborwoods, hand-carved wooden rustic maps of thirteen American cities and several European, including the likes of Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Berlin, or Toronto. Made by Aymie Spitzer utilizing a laser engraving technique, Neighborwoods are made of aeromatic cedar wood and sized at 14.25″ H x 11.5″ W. Equipped with a saw tooth hook, Neighborwoods are ready to be mounted right after they arrive at your door. US$96

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