Nesmuk Janus Steak Knives Slice Rather than Rip

Some steak knives are more saw than blade. Sure, a serrated blade cuts, but it takes more effort and tears the meat. A quality knife, on the other hand, slices the meat, leaving a clean, attractive cut. Few blades cut nicer than the Nesmuk Janus Steak Knives.

nesmuk knives

The Nesmuk Janus Steak Knives are made in Germany and come with a 115mm blade. The blade is made of steel blended with nitrogen. Using nitrogen in the forging process improves fatigue life for the steel while also adding strength, corrosion resistance, and increasing the work hardening rate as well as the wear life. Nesmuk then takes things a step further and adds a layer of black DLC-coating to provide extra hardness and scratch resistance.

To finish off the blade, Nesmuk added a hand-finished light oak handle. Alternatively, you can also choose from other wood options, including granadilla, desert ironwood, olive wood, and black bog oak.

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The blade is honed to razor sharpness, which, combined with the anti-friction properties of the DLC-coating, lets the blade slice through whatever it’s cutting with silky smoothness. The blades sell as a set of two for USD$690. You can also pick up a leather sheath, a strop set, and a smoked serving board.

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