Netatmo Smart Doorbell Joins the Fray in a Slim, Sleek Way

Smart doorbells are becoming an increasingly popular item, and for good reason. Security is a growing concern, and simple measures—like installing a smart doorbell—are additions all of us can take to better protect what’s ours. The Netatmo Smart Doorbell is a sleek addition to your security protocols.

man using netatmo doorbell

Like most smart doorbells, the Netatmo uses a camera to give you a look at who is at your door—whether you’re home or not. The camera is a full HD 1080p camera that has full HDR function that allows t to adjust to any sudden changes in lighting, foiling any attempts to blind the camera with a light.

It also has night vision, giving you a full view 24 hours a day. Like the postal service, neither rain, snow, sleet or hail will keep the doorbell from its appointed duties—it’s completely resistant to all weather conditions thanks to the HZO technology that coats it.

netatmo smart doorbell

And it’s not just the slim design that sets the Netatmo apart. It also has an attempted theft detection feature that notifies you if someone attempts to deactivate it. Plus, it uses a completely encrypted connection to guarantee your privacy.

Netatmo may be the latest addition to the smart doorbell industry, but it’s already heading toward the front of the pack.

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