The Newberg House: Domestic Bliss and Nature in Perfect Harmony

For over forty years, Cutler Anderson Architects have been winning awards and turning heads with their geographically pertinent, polished designs, and this mini lake house (technically a pond house) is just one brilliant example. Located in northern Oregon, the Newberg House is a rare example of architecture that truly embodies the spirit of its surrounds, leaving nature undisturbed. The wooden house sits on a steel frame over the large pond, which attracts a large amount of natural wildlife all year round. This allows the inhabitants to swim straight from the deck , under the home even, to the smaller area of water at the entrance.

newberg pond house natural scenario from living room

The entrance which is thoughtfully 150 feet from the parking area, guiding visitors along a track of forest and across a bridge before arriving at the building, meaning the ecosystem is undisturbed by engines and tyres. Once inside, the space opens out onto the large body of water, with a spectacular view of the natural exquisiteness of the site. Featuring a kitchen, living area and master bedroom, there is also an indoor mudroom connecting the home to the garage and an undercover walkway to a 550 square-foot guest house. Just one peek and it’s easy to see how this won the American Institute of Architects 2016 Housing Award for excellence in housing design.

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