Oak Linen Sofa is too Comfy to Sit On

You need a sofa. You want it to be comfortable. You want it to look good, but you don’t need a load of leather and expensive woodwork getting in the way of the business of living. Nuts and Woods brings you the Oak Linen Sofa. It’s a simple, good looking, rugged, and easy to wash oak and linen sofa that comes in different sizes to suit your furniture needs.

Made with a pure oaken frame that’s just about guaranteed to endure even the roughest use, a simple linen upholstery that’s simple to wash, and down filler for the pads and pillows- because you don’t need to be breathing foam dust for the next thirty years Do you? We think not, because artificial pillow stuffings have been linked to blood and lung cancer. Down it is then.

oak linen sofa black

But seriously, if you like simplicity, functionality, and durability- this is the sofa for you. It comes with a very light stain on the wood, just enough to keep it fresh during shipping- and the wholesome looking heady grain is the perfect compliment for the kind of interior decorating that only a man can understand.

If you love it, and want more Nuts and Woods has loads of compatible items in their showroom that will keep your Oak Linen Sofa from getting a superior attitude among all your other furniture. Say goodbye to particle board and say hello to your newest family heirloom- because we’re telling you- this thing is going to last.

Every Oak Linen Sofa is made to order, so there won’t be any great puff of dust when you open the box.

The Oak Linen Sofa retails for $2,915.00 USD.

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