Old School Modernity – the Department Chicago Hi-Fi Console

A recent Kickstarter campaign caught our eye through its striking fusion of vintage design and contemporary luxury. The Modern Hi-Fi Stereo Console was directly inspired by 50s and 60s decor. As such it looks like something fit for Don Draper’s man cave, flaunting a clean wood finish that comes in choices like maple and walnut. It has the speakers built in to the cabinet and exudes the kind of classic elegance that’s hard to replicate in the age of screens and touchpads.

department chicago hi fi console on the table

Of course we’re not in the 50s anymore so in addition to delivering exceptional sound the console has plenty of modern conveniences. For instance it’s compatible with Bluetooth and you can stream music. It’s also equipped with a 6″ Aluminium/Magnesium driver and 100 Watt Class D Amp, and turns on with the flick of a switch.

department chicago hi fi console quality turntable spinning

The console has a shelving space that fits about 120 records and it feels like the unit was designed with the modern day vinyl lover at heart. After all, nothing would look better on top of the cabinet than a quality turntable spinning LPs. You might even be inspired to go crate digging for some of those old exotica albums by artists like Martin Denny and Arthur Lyman, though naturally there’s no need to get carried away. Nevertheless, the Modern Hi-Fi Stereo Console is the perfect complement to the ongoing resurgence of retro taste and style, and an effortless way to add a classy vintage touch to the room.

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