The Onsen is Set to Redefine the Bath Towel

Towels. They’re linen, not rocket science. Yet after a while all towels go musty, scratchy and lose softness. Most people accept this as the standard life cycle of a towel. The creators of the Onsen have different plans. The Onsen is a towel that works like its job depends on it. It’s designed to be luscious and feel fresh and dry every day and continue to deliver over time. The waffle weave design is what makes the Onsen Towel so special. The deep woven pockets maximise surface area exposure for superior breathability, thus they’re quicker to dry. Onsen is also made from high-quality long staple cotton that actually gets softer over time.

onsen bath towel folding

Don’t throw away your old towels just yet. The Onsen is campaigning via Kickstarter and could use some additional funding to reach its goal. $55 will net you one towel, but $75 will get you two. Plus there are options for matching waffle weave hand towels and face towels. So back the campaign and as soon as it’s funded you’re then free to throw out your old towels.

onsen bath towel folding different size

onsen bath towel comfortable

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