Organisation Off The Hook With I Love Handles’ Switchboard Coat Rack

I Love Handles are a design outfit operating out of Portland, Oregon, who made waves in 2010 with Rock Band, a strap that turned your iPad nano into a wristwatch. Six years on, iWatches are a thing, and the guys at I Love Handles (or inexplicably LVLY for short) decided not to be typecast as another Apple accessories company, instead branching out into exploring new ideas for innovative household designs and fun life-hack products.

switchboard coat rack in the wall

This is just one of many random and kooky products, but it kinda makes sense as soon as you see how it works. Twenty five triangular panels are attached on hinges to a backing that easily attaches to the wall with four screws. What looks a bit like a wooden ‘switchboard’ (or possibly a very simplistic sideways xylophone) is actually a well-designed life-organiser for your entry hall, with a huge amount of hooks for coats, bags, scarves, hats and anything else you need, in a long, horizontal format to avoid everything just being stacked on top of one other. When in use it’s a no-brainier, when all the pegs are flat it just looks like some conceptual art on the wall – either way it’s a inexpensive way to show off how modern you are to all your buddies when they next swing by.

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