Pandora Shipping Container Cabinets, For both Style and Function

Creative, innovative, progressive, clever…all words used to describe the Pandora cabinet by Sander Mulder. This interesting idea is that the cabinets are stackable and interlock to be any number of colour combinations. The design, being of the highest order and wonderful manufacturing quality, is based on the storage containers found in harbours and airports around the world. The inspiration is clear, taking from the stacked, functional and eye sores and turning them into something stylish and sleek. The series comes in a range of colour and shape options. But Pandora is also available in custom design, you choose basically any length you wish. Cabinet likes these are more than just a passing trend, they will look current no matter what room they are in. But they also serve their purpose as functioning furniture, which is something that can’t be said for many design pieces.

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pandora shipping container cabinets inside