Philips Hue Bathroom Lighting Helps Set the Mood

Philips has been branching out with their Hue line of lighting, and they’ve now entered into your private sanctuary—the bathroom. The Hue Adore line includes a lighted mirror, ceiling light, and a mirror light. “More than ever Australians want to personalise their home to suit their daily lives,” explains Simon O’Donnelly, the marketing manager for the Hue line. “Hue Adore gives Australians yet another way to transform every room and enhance their morning and evening routine.”

bathroom lighting by phillips

Where the Hue line excels is in providing mood setting for whatever room you’re in. The bathroom lighting can be set with pre-defined recipes that match up with the ambience you want to create—from relaxation to energising, concentrating, and even reading. The lights come with a whole range of colours, and you can control how the lights function using the Philips Hue bridge. You can also tap into voice assistants to control Hue Adore with a few simple commands.

Phillips Hue Lighting

The circular bathroom mirror uses a White Ambiance Philips Hue light that surrounds the circumference of the mirror and provides a warm glow. If you already have a bathroom mirror, you can opt for the mirror light, which can be installed above your existing mirror. You can also choose from the spotlight, which mounts to the wall, or the chrome ceiling light.

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