Philips Hue Updates History with Filament Bulbs

The retro look doesn’t appear to be going anywhere, and the desire to make old things new again has many people searching out antique stores and old barns. Sometimes that means less energy-friendly items are used, such as, for instance, filament bulbs. The old Edison style bulbs are definitely filled with character when it comes to looks, but they also consume more power than modern bulbs.

Philips recently announced that their Hue line of bulbs will be expanding to include filament bulbs that not only look good, but also consume less electricity.

philips bulbs with bluetooth

The new Hue Filament Bulbs are actually LED smart bulbs, but they’ve been designed to replicate the swirling filament housed in a clear glass bulb that is so iconic to the classic Edison bulb. When the bulbs are turned off, you can tell that they are LEDs, but turned on, they produce the same soft yellow light, and it actually looks like that light is emanating from the filament. The bulbs are also affordable.

The traditional A19 design sells for $25 each. The ST19 Tubes are available at $28 and the G25 globes sell for $33 each. The bulbs also include Bluetooth support and can be connected to a Hue bridge. The lights put off 530 lumens, and because they emulate a classic bulb, you won’t be able to adjust their colour temperature.

philips bulbs with a box

“Our new Philips Hue Filament bulbs combine modern technology with vintage design,” states Jasper Vervoort, Business Leader Home Systems & Luminaires Philips Hue. “You can instantly recreate the feel of your favourite bistro or simply add visual style to your room. It’s simple to control and personalise your lighting with just a tap of your smartphone or with a voice command.”

philips hue filament bulbs

The bulbs are already available in Europe and will be coming to North America in October, 2019.

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