Praetorian Damascus Knife Delivers 440 Layers of Forged Steel

Slicing and dicing its way past a modest Kickstarter goal is the Praetorian Damascus Knife from award-winning German company Ubutt Design. Equipped with 440 layers of pure Damascus steel, each respective blade touts a pattern so eye-catching that it could accurately be described as psychedelic. Accordingly, the hand-forged Santoku knife is a marvel to behold, and that’s before you’ve even put it to work. The best part? If you get in on the action now, you’ll be purchasing a top-shelf kitchen knife at a fraction of the normal cost.

praetorian damascus knife cutting board

When crafting these sharp and sturdy stunners, Ubutt Design plucked their steel from retired German railroad tracks. The raindrop or twist pattern was developed during the forging process, and the brand is currently experimenting with at least two more patterns. For the handle, Ubutt went with imported Spanish rosewood. The result is a limited edition knife that’s like no other, with the prime steel and trippy visuals to show for it.

damascus knife

As it goes on Kickstarter, the more you pledge, the more you get. For instance, if you throw in €132, you not only get the Praetorian Damascus Knife at a steep discount (when compared to other knives of this calibre), but a leather holding sheath as well. Use the blade for all your slicing needs, and don’t forget to oil it up afterward, which protects the Damascus steel. Of course, you’re also more than welcome to just take this baby out and stare it for hours at a time–no oil job necessary for that.

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