The Primrose Hill House by Threefold Architects

Threefold Architects recently renovated property in popular Primrose Hill area of London. This award-winning architectural firm was hired by a young couple to redesign the Victorian house. The owner’s goals were to keep some of the building’s original details while improving the existing layout.

The problem was that there had been a previous renovation and a random extension that had eroded the house’s original Victorian character. As a result, the home had a series of dark spaces and a haphazard floor plan.

primrose hill house study area beside fireplace

The design firm decided to completely rearrange the interior space of this home to improve its layout and help restore its former Victorian charm. They wanted to restore the facade to its original form. Timber ground-floor carriage block doors were added to the ground floor area to enhance the original aesthetic of this mews house. The rest of the doors and windows were repositioned in a vertical arrangement to be more faithful to the original design of the house.

primrose hill house corridor lamp with shade

A neutral palette of colours was used throughout this classic mews house to pay homage to its history. The main living space was moved to the second floor. It was given a more open floor plan. A second-floor private terrace provides plenty of outdoor space. It also helps connect the living and kitchen area with the outdoors and allows natural light to filter to the floor below.

primrose hill house bedroom with window

On the first floor are a master bedroom, large shower room, additional double bedroom and a study that opens onto the street through the carriage doors.

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primrose hill house bathroom with basin

primrose hill house man walk on staircase

primrose hill house man sitting on dining table

primrose hill house yard and outside architecture

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