Rain Design’s Ergonomic ‘mStand’ has your Back

If you primarily work behind a desk, it’s likely that you know what pain is – no, I’m not talking about the existential angst that comes with working an office job 9-till-5 ad infinitum (or being a communications student). I’m talking about the strain in your eyes, back, neck and arms after hunching over a screen all day.

If you’re using a laptop, Rain Design have you covered. ‘mStand’ is an ergonomic laptop stand that is designed to improve your sitting posture as you work. By raising your screen to eye-level and inclining the keyboard, strain is reduced as posture and view are improved. Add an external keyboard and mouse to use with the stand for further comfort.

rain design mstand laptop stand view

The stand is made of a solid piece of aluminium with a 190mm x 253mm base, meaning it is both extremely strong and stable. The aluminium acts as a heat sink, cooling your laptop as you use it. With its sand-blasted and anodised finish, mStand is clearly designed with Apple notebooks in mind, however it is compatible with other notebooks with a maximum depth of 265mm.

Transform your laptop into a comfortable, stable and stylish workstation.

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rain design mstand laptop aluminium stand

rain design mstand laptop aluminium stand side

rain design mstand laptop aluminium stand use