The Rare Presenter by Fferone x Gentner – for when it’s ‘Suntory Time’

Creativity, sophistication and functionalism are words to describe the artefact of the romance and professional collaboration between an architect and a metalsmith; Felicia Ferrone and Christopher Gentner. Their respective design firms, Fferone and Gentner, have come together to create the Rare Presenter whisky glass set – a work of art you could expect from its award-winning designers.

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Inspired by the pleasures of fine whisky, the Rare Presenter glass set concentrates on the experience and presentation of whisky drinking. Fferone’s four hand-made whisky glasses sit neatly into the solid brass suspended tray by Gentner. Each glass is expertly blown from the finest quality Borosilicate glass, a material with a high degree of thermal resistance, making it dishwasher safe and suitable for a range of hot and cold applications. The intricate Presenter tray – a product of high-precision milling and soldering – prevents spillage of the whisky glasses and is fitted with a unique handle, allowing it to be carried with one hand.

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Rustic yet elegant, the Rare Presenter set perfectly complements the salt and smoke of an aged Islay single malt when entertaining. If you were looking for an excuse to pull out that 25-year-old Bowmore, here it is.

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