The Real Good Chair Experiment

Blue Dot Furnishings makes beautiful, modern furniture for the home. One of their best pieces so far is the Real Good Chair. The trendy furnishings company decided to conduct an interesting “curb mining” experiment using the Real Good Chair. This is one of the neatest experiments involving a piece of furniture.

Blue Dot left a bunch of Real Good Chairs all over New York City to see who would pick the chairs up, what they would do with them and how they liked them. Several Real Good Chairs in a variety of colors were all outfitted with GPS tracking devices. After the chairs were picked up, Blue Dot followed the new owners of the Real Good Chairs back to their apartment to interview them about what they liked about the chairs. Most found the chairs useful and stylish. They liked the modern, clean look of the chairs. The curb miners also commented on how comfortable the chairs were. Blue Dot designs these chairs in such a way as to make them very comfy even for sitting in for long periods of time.

stylish chair

In addition to finding the Real Good Chairs comfortable, the curb miners also said that they picked these chairs up from the curb because they were really sturdy. While the Real Good Chair is deceptively thin, it is constructed of a powder-coated steel that makes it very strong.

One of the neatest features of the Real Good Chair is that it can be folded flat along laser cut lines. When folded in this way, the chair almost looks like a piece of origami made out of furniture.

Pick a Real Good Chair up for yourself. We are sure that you will like this chair just as much as the people in the curb mining experiment enjoyed it. The Real Good Chairs are available in a range of colors to liven up just about any interior space.

Check it out

green color chair

black modern chair

four legs sky color chair

denim color chair

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