The Rolls Royce of Picnic Hampers…Literally

Rolls Royce is a name so synonymous with quality that when something is made with exceptional craft it’s usually referred to as the “Rolls Royce” of that thing. To keep such a reputation intact the brand must therefore treat every one of its products with the utmost attention to detail and sophistication. And yes, that includes picnic hampers.

To commemorate the limited edition release of the eagerly-anticipated bespoke Phantom Zenith Collection, the Rolls Royce Design Team asked themselves: “why stop with the luxury Coupés when we can do so much more?” Squeezing just a little more elegance into the picture they designed a premium picnic hamper to accompany each one of the 50 bespoke Phantom motor cars. When paired with the car itself and a custom metal ingot from the Phantom factory line, the hamper is intended to complete the “trinity of objects” created for the Phantom Zenith Collection.

the rolls royce of picnic hampers literally

Naturally, this is no ordinary picnic hamper. Each one is composed from American Walnut wood and natural grain leather, numbered, packed with visual nods toward old Phantom models, and finished in a choice of three colour combinations intended to match the owner’s new bespoke Phantom Coupé. Inside the hamper is a luminous glass shelf, a Champagne holder, a small picnic table that folds out, crystal wine glasses, handmade stainless steel cutlery, a chopping board, crockery you can’t find elsewhere, and monogrammed napkins. So rent out the entire park (if such a thing is possible), pull up in your new Phantom Coupé and have a picnic in unparalleled style. Yes, this is truly the Rolls Royce of picnic hampers!

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