The Room No Roof Building Blends Nature with an Urban Setting

Many of us strive to get closer to nature – even people that are not outdoor enthusiasts can’t deny the restorative and calming effects of a cracking spring day. Tsuruta Architects prove that it’s possible to bring nature inside with thoughtful and clever design. Their newest project, the Room No Roof building, seamlessly blends the indoors and outdoors in a beautiful West London home.

The Room No Roof building is a beautiful 1950s West London residence that is one of the most interesting homes we have seen to date. Tsuruta Architects refurbished the home and added a few new elements to create a truly stunning residence. The home gets its name for the added third floor. Situated right between a bedroom and bathroom is an open air space that is home to a small tree. This space brings the beauty and serenity of nature indoors, providing plenty of natural light, and making the entire bedroom and bathroom feel light and airy.

tsuruta architects

Keeping with the outdoor feel, the rest of the home features subtle wood finishes throughout. Stone colours add to the natural look. The interior furnishings are elegant making for a comfortable living space. Additional windows were added to the first floor living areas in keeping with the nature-inspired design. A new pivot window in the kitchen area opens up to an outdoor patio. Overlooking the square below, this new patio gives life to an otherwise dead space. The patio is a great place to people watch as the square usually brims with activity on the weekends.

Check it out

tsuruta architects front view

tsuruta architects interior design

tsuruta architects kitchen with swing glass door

tsuruta architects book shelves sofa and table

tsuruta architects dining room decoration

tsuruta architects tree inside home

tsuruta architects bathroom full view

tsuruta architects kitchen room

tsuruta house front side view

tsuruta house staircase architecture

tsuruta house living room decoration

tsuruta house inside tree surround glass and wall

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