Saison X FD Style

Saison has released a new collection of kitchenware products branded as FD Style and between the sleek aesthetic and wide usability, they look to be a winner. Designed by Japanese architect Hagino Mitsonobu, these minimalist, matte black and sophisticated items would fit in well in a modern kitchen.

The brand has an interesting context behind it – FD Style’s heritage derives from The Niigata Prefecture in Japan, an area distinguished for its excellence in the metalwork industry. For centuries, the historic townships in the area have been creating products using the expertise passed down from a long line of skilled craftsmen. Saison and FD looked to capture this craftsmanship in their solid design employed on the new collection.

This history of excellence shows up in the 7 essential kitchen tools that have been intentionally reduced to their bare essentials. Coated in fluorocarbon polymer, the ergonomic stainless steel kitchen tools are rustproof, and best for all the messy guys out there – they are easy to clean.

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fd style grater fd style bottle cleaner  fd style bottle opener fd style zester    fd style peeler