Samurai Sizzle – the Readymade Weekender Japanese Dutch Oven

Handmade in Fukuoka, Japan–aka the home of Ramen–is a minimalist Dutch oven that personifies everything we associate with the best of Japanese craftsmanship. The Readymade Rectangle Weekender is exceptionally resilient and beautifully compact, not wasting any more space than it needs to. Readymade definitely went Samurai over Sumo on this one!

ukiyo home x readymade rectangular

What gives the Weekender its edge is the ability to retain steam and evenly distribute heat while cooking. That balance and retention comes courtesy of the heavy cast iron forged by hand, turning a commonly crude material into something sophisticated and pleasing to the eye. The Weekender is also preciously adaptive and able to be used indoors in conjunction with your stove or oven, or outdoors on the grill. If you’re a truly adventurous cook you can cover the Weekender in coals or even throw it over the campfire–marvel as the cast iron withstands wear in the face of extreme temperatures and then relish the perfectly heated dish once it’s ready for consumption.

ukiyo home x readymade round

Included with the Weekender is a lifter made of stainless steel and Horween chromexcel leather that come in choice of mocha or burgundy colour. Whip this baby out on your next camping trip and impress your friends by demonstrating your intensive appreciation for minimalist perfection and Japanese craftsmanship.

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ukiyo home x readymade round

 handmade japanese dutch oven

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readymade weekender japanese dutch oven

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