See the Time Differently with the Etch Clock

The Swiss maestros at 42foundry created a unique timepiece that displays time with a 3D effect. It’s a digital clock that uses a patent-pending system to produce engraved or embossed digits. The time looks pretty much engraved. The dark grey elastomer display is housed in an aluminum frame that will adopt to any interior, and can be hung on a wall, mounted, or displayed on a base.

time differently with the etch clock parallel

It comes with an accompanying app, where users can pick two display modes. Sync & Go displays the time automatically every 30 seconds. Sync & Sensor also displays the time every 30 seconds, but only in the presence of sound being picked up an internal sensor. This will set you back past $1500, but if you want to own a piece of the future, and literally the coolest clock on the planet, then the Etch Clock fits the bill.

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