Sit Back, Relax, and Light Up in the El Purista Smokers Armchair

There are a few indulgences that transcend vice to become something akin to rites of passage among us men. For instance, the day you take a sip of premium single malt scotch and instead of recoiling with disgust you curl your toes and feel your sense awaken, you know that your days of shot-gunning beers with the homeboys might be over. Likewise, upon the day you take a pull from a quality cigar and smile wide as your mouth fills with a signature blend of tobacco smoke and spice, you are one step closer to manhood if you’re not there already. The El Purista Smokers Armchair wants to be the chair you’re sitting when you take that first pull, or at the very least the chair you buy once cigar-smoking becomes a tradition like it has with so many men before you.

el purista smokers armchair and table

The brainchild of Chilean architect Rodrigo Gonzalez and German attorney Alexander Sauer, the El Purista is all about comfort, durability and modernity. For materials it uses a combination of the best eco-friendly leather and wood to sustain a sensation of pure but sturdy relaxation. For the look, Gonzalez and Sauer took Feng Shei to the next level by not only creating a chair that blends perfectly in a modernist living room or man cave, but also takes design cues from unfurling flower blossoms and open boxes of cigars.

Essentially, the El Purista is for you, the next generation of men who will one day put down the 30-pack and pick up a bottle of Lagavulin to sip with relish while you puff away on a Cuban cigar. When such a day comes, you’ll want to be comfortable after all.

el purista smokers armchair design