Sleep Better with the Eight Smart Mattress

With every appliance becoming part of the smart technology family it was only a matter of time before the tech made the jump over to homewares. The Smart Mattress is designed by start-up company Eight, who wants to use innovative technology to improve each night’s sleep for everyone in the bed. First off, the Smart Mattress covers all the basics. It offers dynamic support and contouring comfort without sacrificing breathability or resilience. The mattress features a unique cell structure that bounces back to its original shape every time while delivering weightless, responsive comfort.

eight smart mattress is available

Eight’s Smart Mattress is made with four layers of comfort. Reactive foam, supportive transition foam, memory foam and high-density support foam. Then the fifth layer is where the magic happens. Built in technology monitors your sleep trends, warms the bed, plays white noise to help you sleep and even has an alarm. The Smart Mattress gets better over time: the more data it collects, the better your long-term sleep will be. All of these features are designed with couples in mind as there are two sets of controls, two sets of data recorded, and each side of the bed can be warmed to different temperatures.

The Eight Smart Mattress is available in four sizes: double, queen, king and Cali King. Eight also offers a 100-night trial. If you don’t love it, Eight will refund your purchase and come pick the mattress up (so long as you live in the US).

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eight smart mattress is available in four sizes




eight smart mattress offers a 100 night trial

eight smart mattress gets better over time

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