Sleep in Secret – Slovakian Hidden Bedroom Apartment

Sometimes we all just want alone time, even an extrovert like myself, especially after a long working week, or maybe after a boozy night. With this apartment, a young couple flexed their creative minds and used an old rotating door of a former library and transform it to a secret door to their bedroom.

study area of slovakian apartment

The guys at JRKVC studio excelled in utilising old and new elements to deliver a functional and modern looking space that is situated in a 18th century monastery. The majority of the home is comprised of the kitchen, living and dining rooms that features 11-foot ceilings and large windows. The mixture of Scandanavian with wooden elements perfectly contributes to this minimalistic appeal.

kitchen area of slovakian apartment

The most unique aspect of this apartment is the secret master bedroom behind the floor to ceiling bookcase that serves as the biggest eye-catching design in this quiet space. Sometimes we need to keep some of our secrets to ourselves, and this secret bedroom might be the best place to do it in.

lovakian apartment architecture

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