Sleep at the Wheel in Style with Circu’s Bun-Van Bed

When it comes to vehicles that epitomise the spirit of hitting the road and fading away into the horizon, the iconic Volkswagen Kombi is possibly the ultimate example. Having never gone out of style, the beautiful workhorse-come-campervans still fetch a pretty penny in the collectors’ marketplace and are lovingly restored by dedicated owners far and wide. Portugese furniture company Circu, who claim to make furniture for children but I suspect really make it for big kids still young at heart, love the Kombi so much that they decided you should be able to sleep in it every night. Indoors.

circu bun van bed inside

This is their Bun-Van bed, a playful riff on a car bed, but with so much more under the hood. Made from fibreglass, chrome and timber veneer, it features a bed, a sofa, a tv, side table, plenty of drawers and even a mini-bar (see what I mean?), and while it probably wouldn’t fit inside the standard four by four bedroom of your Surry Hills terrace, it almost makes it worth making the move into the garage. This is a fun, youthful piece of furniture about which the playful hippy inside all of us can get excited.

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