SOAK is Inspired by Traditional Japanese Ofuro Baths

Inspired by traditional Japanese ofuro baths, the SOAK outdoor wood fired hot tub offers an intimate and restorative experience. Best of all, there’s room for two. A good bath offers both mental and physical healing qualities, and the SOAK is an amazing way to wind down after work with a beer or two. There are no water jets required for enjoyment. SOAK is calmer and more meditative than the average hot tub.

soak traditional japanese ofuro baths top

SOAK features an innovative side-accessed stove fully integrated into a marine grade aluminium body, with a locally harvested Red Cedar interior/ exterior and stainless steel stove pipe. A gas heating option is also available for a less demanding setup. With a commitment to quality, the designer Ox + Monkey ensure SOAK is made utilising specialised fabrication methods and top of the line tig welding. Measuring 2.2m long, x 81cm wide and 88cm high, there’s plenty of space to soak and enjoy the serenity. A basic hot tub cover is included as standard. We hope you live in the US or Canada because SOAK does not ship to any other locations.