Sofa, So Good – The Cigar Club Denim Sofa by Curations Limited

Pardon the cheesy pun in the title–we just couldn’t help ourselves! In all seriousness though, the good folks over at Curations Limited make some fine furniture and their recently unveiled 118″ Cigar Club Denim Sofa is no exception. This elegant example of modern comfort is a reproduction of the classic Chesterfield style made of high-quality denim with hand-hammered shoe nails.

That’s right–we said denim. The same sturdy and soothing material that’s been supporting your ass with a great pair of jeans will now be supporting your ass through upholstery. Other features include eight-way hand-tied spring suspension and back cushions made of 50% feather and down plus 50% poly fiber, enclosed around a 4.5″ foam core. The frame is hardwood as are the legs. The result is a sofa that exhibits classic style, modern day craft and superior durability thanks to the plush denim material.

If denim at first sounds abrasive then you’re not picturing it right. The sofa is inviting, soft and pliant. There’s a reason they use this material for jeans–it has the ability to withstand years of use while providing maximum comfort. The Cigar Club Denim Sofa is therefore the kind of furniture that will give as much love as it receives, until your rear end won’t accept anything less when sitting and relaxing. Naturally, such craftsmanship comes at a price, so be prepared to shell out about 4K for the privilege of sitting in luxury, denim style.

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