Spiegelau and Nachtmann Beerware

Spiegelau and Nachtmann is coming in hot with some great new options to help you enjoy beer this holiday season. They have released six new beer glasses, specific to types of beer that even the novice can understand.

From the Beer Classic” section, designed to encourage head retention, release aroma and enhance flavour, there is a lager glass, a wheat beer glass, and stemmed pilsner glass. I’m not entirely sure why you are supposed to drink each from a specific type of glass, but when Spiegelau and Nachtmann speak on beer consumption, you listen.

The Craft Beer glasses are perfect for the beer lovers out there. The glasses were approved by an expert tasting panel of master brewers and industry professionals, so you know they’re good to drink from. Focusing on beer enjoyment, members of the tasting workshop tested multiple glass shapes to find the best glass for IPAs and stouts. Their decisions are reflected in the Stout Glass and the IPA glass, two very unique pieces of kitchenware that look as good as the beers in them taste.

Each style goes for $39.95 for two so if you’re looking to impress your friends with your knowledge of beer chemistry, Spiegalau and Nachtmann have you covered.

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