Stayin’ Local – the Lokal Hotel

This creation of this hotel stemmed from a jet setting husband and wife who love channelling their inner designer. They were tired of being greeted with disappointment when arriving at their hotels. Hence, they decided to create their own design driven hotel that allows guests to experience the real Philadelphia.

lokal hotel philadelphia bedroom

Lokal is a six-unit boutique gotel that focuses on invisible service that combines freedom and the comfort of living in Philly with an escape that feels like home. You might be reading this and ask what is invisible service? Well, the hotel does not have no front desk and is a walk-up only registered historical building. They know guests are mature adults, hence, Lokal trust that guests know what they’re doing.

lokal hotel living room

All the service requirements are all from the fingertips with the implementation of the fanciest technology. And that’s something you expect from a design-driven hotel. There is an automated coded check-in, in room iPads and multiple service apps. However, Lokal also provides the option for guests to kick it old school as well. Just let them know ahead of time, and they can send staff to check you in and address any needs. Guests of this one-of-a-kind experience have a choice between six rooms that have one or two bedrooms.

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