Sternsteiger Crafts Exceptional Titanium Kitchen Knives

When it comes to metal, you won’t find much that’s tougher than titanium. Titanium is renowned for its corrosion resistance and high strength to density ratio. Either of these traits would make it the perfect material for kitchen knives, thankfully you get both. German design firm Sternsteiger is crafting precision titanium knives with a core of stainless steel that totally changes the game. The steel core reaches from the knives’ point all the way to the butt. The titanium bonds with the steel core increasing the blades overall strength. Following this, the blade is mirror polished creating its unique look that also has the added benefit of reducing friction.

sternsteiger crafts exceptional titanium kitchen knives

Sternsteiger knives come with a unique ergonomic handle designed for every hand shape and size. The handle is angled slightly inwards towards the palm, providing a firm grip for any required cutting. The scales are made of an anti-bacterial composite called Micarta which features a nice wooden finish. The scales are joined using three rivets.

There are four knives available depending on your cooking style. The Chef’s Knife is an all-purpose kitchen knife that can be used for mincing, dicing and chopping. Due to its very light weight and eye-catching design, this knife is also perfect for heavy duty work like cutting thicker vegetables and meat. The Santoku blade geometry incorporates the sheep’s foot tip that draws the spine to the front, with minimal clearance above the horizontal cutting plane providing a more straight cutting edge.

 sternsteiger 4 kitchen knife

The Santoku Hollow Edge is characterised by small hollow cavities that get hammered into the blade in proximity to each other. The purpose of these cavities is to prevent the adherence of unusually thin, greasy or otherwise sticky clippings on the knife thus cutting very thin slices without damage. Finally, the Paring Knife is the go-to tool for peeling and other intricate work such as removing the seeds from a jalapeño, ‘skinning’ or cutting small garnishes. It too is designed to be an all-purpose knife, similar to a chef’s knife, except smaller.

Sternsteiger is still a young brand, although ambitious and fast growing. The brand has taken to Kickstarter to get the knives up and running. With the funding goal already behind them, Sternsteiger is well on its way to delivering you some exceptional titanium knives.

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sternsteiger 3 kitchen knife

 german design firm sternsteiger knife

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