Stich Yourself Up in Style

Ever been in a situation where you needed to repair a pesky tear in your clothes before an important event? We figured. Bolt Threads has designed a one of a kind Brass Capsule Stitcher to help you repair such emergency tears, so you can make it to the ball in time.

A close eye for detail was kept in mind when it came to the design of this delicately crafted stitcher, which we think makes the perfect travel accessory. Fitted with two stitching needles, three hand-sewing needles for quick and precise repair, four buttons, two patches of Tenacious tape (we don’t know what that is but it sounds cool), and two pre-loaded bobbins to help you stabilize, it’s everything you need to get yer troosers, or yer kilt, back in fine form.

buttons and stitchers best made

This capsule stitcher really has it all (we can’t believe we didn’t think of it first). Whether you’re heading to a date or corporate event and find yourself with an unwanted tear, this bad boy has got you covered.

Check it out

best made stitcher view

full stitcher view best made

top cover capsule stitcher

top view brass capsule stitcher

side view for brass capsule stitcher

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