The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of – Bamboo Lyocell Bedding From Ettitude

I recently had the privilege of trying out the Bamboo Bondi Grey Duvet Bedding from Ettitude and frankly I haven’t wanted to get out of bed since. The 100% organic bamboo lyocell duvet and sheets are silky to the touch and luxuriously breathable yet never at the expense of heat retention. In other words the Bamboo Bondi set is insanely comfortable. I’ll write more about it after this quick nap…

bamboo lyocell bedding from ettitude bed sheet

Okay, I’m back. Where was I? Oh right. These amazing sheets! Organic bamboo lyocell is the kind of fabric that feels good on multiple levels. Not only does it offer the kind of soft texture you dream about, but according to Ettitude it’s also much better for the environment than most bed sheets. That’s because it’s created within a “closed loop system” that recycles water and reduces overall waste. And while something like cotton requires more labour, more chemicals, and more water, bamboo by comparison yields much more fibre per acre and uses far less water. On top of that, organic bamboo lyocell is hypoallergenic, gentle on the skin, antimicrobial, adaptive to different temperatures and even moisture-wicking.

bamboo lyocell bedding from ettitude bed

I would hesitate to say this bedding is perfect for someone like me because it would imply I’m the kind of person who typically sweats and sheds skin during the night. Nonetheless, this bedding is perfect for someone like me. Never before has it been easier for a slob like myself to feel so naturally clean and refreshed in the morning. If given enough time I’m sure I can work these sheets and even the duvet into oblivion, but for now they’re not just holding firm but seducing me one night at a time with their sustainable, silky softness. You’re so naughty, organic bamboo lyocell!

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