Tableau – Automatic House Plant Watering Tray

Not everyone has green thumbs. Some of us just have more on the to-do list and then we “forget” to water the plants. If you are a plant lover but constantly need to start over due to the death of yet another plant, the Tableau from Pikaplant is for you. This Kickstarter project currently the staff pick and the idea is simple yet brilliant. It waters your plant while you are away or busy with that long list. It works on the same principal as in nature where the plants receive water and then there is a dry cycle. The Tableau does not use any electricity so worry about replacing batteries or keeping it plugged in.

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animation place reservoir

automatic houseplant watering tray plant

automatic houseplant watering tray

automatic houseplant black box

tablea automatic houseplant

tablea automatic houseplant inside room

houseplant pika plant milan design week

beautiful indoor houseplants

beautiful indoor houseplants on the table

tablea automatic houseplant white box

houseplant white box on the table