Take a Walk on the Wild Side with a Slide Apartment

Take a look at this fun design setup for ideas on your own home. Maybe you are dabbling in the idea of renovations or committed to a full build, or perhaps just a lover of architecture. Either way this is worth a squiz because it demonstrates an interesting feat in design with house slides, yep, as in the playground slides you scrambled all over as a child, but in a house. We can thank the Ukrainian architecture firm KI Design for this inventive originality. It is believed that the owners of the house were looking for something with an inventive twist, as we often see in home design, but they wanted something that would not become outdated or unpopular in a year or two. Well KI Design certainly ticked all the boxes on that front. But all that aside let’s be real, this is what every 8 year old dreams of. So go take a look, even just to enjoy the wistful longing such ideas incur. Eat your heart out Grand Designs!

Check it out

ki and ka slide apartment interior

ki and ka apartment design 2 level