Tek Lumber – 6 Fireplaces, Common Features, Unique Personalities

Designed to evoke the rustic utility of wooden logs as fuel for fire that warms the entire home from a central location, the Tek Lumber stove is a traditional wood stove in many ways. With all the classic features of wood burning stove and fireplaces, the Tek Lumber is made from steel pipes laser cut for extreme precision, vertically arranged and capped at the base with a heat-resistant wood facade material to complete the imagery.

The vertical tube shape of the stove is ideal to produce high intensity and long-lasting flames and radiate heat out based on the same principle from which radiator heaters work. The 3ft tall glass window gives a better view of the flames and fuel than any traditional wood burning stove ever did.

tek lumber 6 burning stove and fireplace

Painted on the exterior with high temperature paint in traditional black and lined on the inside with flame resistant vermiculite for extreme durability and longevity, this steel stove will last as long- if not longer than an ordinary wood burning stove… ie forever.

The Tek Lumber stove is tall and narrow, taking up minimal space, and is designed to provide everything wood stoves have always done in a sleek and modern way- frankly, outperforming your grandma’s old steel oven.

tek lumber 6 fireplaces stove there are 3

Heat radiates out of the top making it ideal for setting a griddle or stew pot on- for those who know what a wood stove is all about.

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tek lumber 6 fireplaces black color