The Tempel Workbench – Finally, a Workbench That Is Useful and Stylish

If you or your better half are décor-minded at all, you probably would not want a traditional workbench cluttering up your beautiful pad. You want your space to feel stylish, comfortable and inviting. Having grandad’s table-saw in the kitchen isn’t doing you any favours.

If you enjoy home projects, or are a bit of a craftsman, however, a workbench is a valuable piece of storage furniture that you really need, as it helps to organise all of your tools, and is, after all, an actual bench on which to work.

tempel workbench including walnut and ash

Here we’ve found a stylish wooden workbench perfect for any modern bachelor pad. Inspired by early 19th century design, the Tempel Workbench by Love Hultén looks like a vintage piece of furniture from the outside, yet is surprisingly versatile on the inside. Not only does it look great in any home, it is incredibly useful as well.

This custom workbench was created from a variety of woods, including walnut and ash. It really is very handsome from the outside (at first glance, you’d probably think that it is too nice to work on). The inside is perfect for the modern craftsman. It’s equipped with plenty of drawers for storage, plus ample space to hang tools and such.

Especially handy if you work on electronics, the designer really did a great job of integrating electronic equipment. There is a high-end computer complete with a 24-inch monitor and 2.1 speaker system built into the final design. Other custom details include a built-in soldering station, internal lighting and space for custom made tools.

Check it out

tempel workbench drawer

tempel workbench computer desk

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