That’s not a Knife… That’s a Bartender’s Knife by W&P Design

When it comes to gear, just about everything is overly designed for novelty, flash, or some kind of functionally insubstantial wow factor. Not so with the Bartender’s Knife by W&P Design.

This knife was conceived, designed, and built for those who know that simplicity of design is the number one factor when you want a reliable and powerful tool that does the job with zero to little nonsense. The Bartender’s Knife does everything you need a knife to do in the kitchen and more. It is solid, cuts beautifully, and is made from the finest materials.

As every experienced bartender knows, tending bar is an art form. You’re mixing drinks to suit the tastes of the crowd, you’re entertaining with your mixing and organizational skills, and you’re holding conversations with no less than five intoxicated people at one time. To pull all of this off without cutting yourself, you need a knife that does the job without getting in your way.

bartenders knife cover

What you don’t need are distracting features and unnecessary protrusions to get your fingers caught on and throw off your flow.

Peel, pick, and slice all of your favorite ingredients behind the bar, all with one elegant tool. The Bartender’s Knife from W&P Design is made with top-quality brass, steel, and hardwood. Every one comes with its own sharpening stone, allowing you to perform your own maintenance. But, never fear, this high tempered steel will hold its edge supremely well.

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