The Abyss Table by Duffy London

When you have tea at this table, it better be the best brand on the market. The depths of the deep blue sea are incorporated into this surreal piece of living room furniture. The Abyss Table will be the showpiece of your entire home. The designers (it required a team) spent a year capturing the wonders of the abyss, which will hold any discerning homeowner, family and guests captive with its mesmerising beauty. Materials are wood and glass. It measures 160cm L x 80cm W x 40cm H. You will be one of only twenty-five individuals who own ‘The Abyss’ in this limited edition creation. Each of the twenty-five is handmade. It’s a table – it’s a sculpture – and the
top surface is an example of abstract art.

abyss table showpiece of your entire home

abyss table design

abyss table side

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