The Barn House

A beautiful log home, situated in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, boasting an amazing view of the Tetons, has been  cleverly transformed. The long-standing owners of this property decided they needed a guest house to accomodate all their visitors – the solution? Put them in the barn.

carney logan burke architects barn house

The occupants intended to enjoy the 2,400 sq. foot the barn had to offer, hence, it was constructed to serve multiple purposes. The first floor? A collection of cars, obviously. The second floor sports all the homely features of any self-respecting habitat, including a gym.

The interior has a modern rustic feel with high vaulted ceilings and huge wooden trusses to ensure the roof can withstand the heavy snowfalls. We’ve always been told not to judge a book by its cover, and this is the perfect example.

Check it out

barn house bedroom decoration

barn house interior design


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